I am a Practitioner based in the heart of Cornwall, offering a range of services for individuals which are affecting their every day lives.  I provide one to one sessions, concentrating on minimalism – helping clients to declutter both their minds and their homes; anxiety, stress and depression; active listening therapy for clients; weight and wellness consultations – enabling clients to make positive change in their purposefulness.

I am very happy to be providing therapy for people who have left a high control religion or cult.  This is an often underlooked and misunderstood area of therapy and only those with first hand knowledge of the trauma and loss it can manifest are ideally placed to work with exiters.  I am proud to be able to use my personal experiences to support individuals starting a new life and understand fully the brains process in adjusting to the future.

Information on the services I supply can be found at http://www.maholochi.com and on various facebook pages – simply search Maholochi and a number of individual pages will be found.

To contact me, please use the contact form on http://www.maholochi.com or by emailing hello@maholochi.com or maholochiuk@gmail.com